Private Mentoring and
Transformational Coaching

Where We Meet: The Heart of Us Matters

Wisdom Compassion Courage Grace Resilience Freedom

Our souls, with patient joy,
tend the heart of our rebirth
and transformation.

While there is urgency and often an insistent push; our souls never scold because they know there is no ‘too late’; there is only the ripeness of right on time.

Through the wisdom of the horse; we can find the template for lives of meaning, purpose and the ability to create safe, resilient and just communities.

Key Benefits of Our Work

Transform Patterns that no Longer Serve You.

Expand Capacity for Creativity, Vitality, Leadership and Trust.

Grow Clarity of Intention and Purpose.

Cultivate Presence.

Develop Greater Emotional Agility.

Reconnect to Your Deepest Truth and Values.

Find Inner Freedom.

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